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    Dupuytren’s contracture is a condition of the hands and fingers. It is sometimes called Dupuytren’s disease because not everyone with this condition develops contractures (bending in of the fingers at the joints).

    At first, there is a thickening of some tissues under the skin in the palm. If the disease progresses you may develop a contracture of one or more fingers. When you have a contracture, affected fingers bend (contract) towards the palm and you cannot straighten them fully. Typically, the ring finger is usually affected first. Then the little finger, and then the middle finger. It usually takes months or years for the condition to develop and progress to a contracture.

    Dupuytren’s contracture is not usually painful. The main problem is that if one or more contractures develop, you cannot use the affected fingers properly. The extent of a contracture varies greatly from mild to severe. Sometimes just one hand is affected. Commonly, it affects both hands.

    The downloable leaflet is for anyone who is recovering from, or is about to undergo surgery to treat the syndrome. The information is designed to help you make the important decisions about your recovery – such as when you should go back to work, and generally just get back to enjoying life the way you like it. Your surgeon, GP and other healthcare professionals will offer you a lot of very good advice – but ultimately it’s you that has to make the decision. The advice in this leaflet offers broad guidelines for people who do not have any complications with their surgery, or other specific medical circumstances, such as a long-term condition. Obviously, every individual has different needs and recovers in different ways – so not all the advice in this leaflet will be suitable for everybody.

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