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    Ear Corrective Surgery / Pinnaplasty


    Pinnaplasty is an operation aimed to restore a naturally set back position to the ears when they are prominent, or to correct any noticeable difference in the prominence and shape of the ears. Most patients seeking the operation are self-conscious of the appearance. Some patients are children who get bullied or teased at school, but some are adults who simply never had the time, money or opportunity to have the operation. It may affect their confidence and self-esteem in relationships, work or activities. They may feel people look at the ears rather than look them in the face.

    Pinnaplasty can be done a number of ways. I have extensive experience of all the latest techniques and will be able to advise which technique is best for you, depending on the main cause of the prominence and altered shape of the ear/s. Many surgeons are only familiar with one technique, so its important to know, whoever you see, that they are suggesting the operation that is best for you rather than just the operation they are able to do. For more details of the procedure, see and download my ‘pinnaplasty information leaflet’.

    My patients are highly satisfied with their surgery. This includes hospital and nursing staff who have asked me to perform the operation after seeing my outcomes, and by personal recommendation of friends and relatives who like my friendly yet professional approach, and know they are in safe hands. My patients are more comfortable with their appearance after surgery, their confidence and self-esteem is better, and in consequence their personal and sexual relationships can also improve.


    All prices are all-inclusive i.e including surgical fee, hospital fees, anaesthetic fees, post-operative appointments, any required dressings or prescriptions and costs of corrective surgery within a year of the procedure.